Sponsor A Penguin Nest with Electronics

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100% of product value goes to Dallas Zoo Management Inc.

Product highlights

  • Support the African Penguin Nest Project
  • Helps save wild African Penguins

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Conservation agencies, accredited zoological parks, and individuals around the world are working together to save the African penguin from extinction. They have designed, developed and tested new artificial nests to meet every need of penguins for the successful incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks. The nests with electronic sensors will allow a team of scientists to monitor and track things like temperature and humidity in real-time. The nests with electronic sensors will be deployed into a penguin colony to measure the internal environmental conditions of the nest. Your donation will go directly to the African penguin Nest Project, learn more at SavingPenguins.org Sponsor an individual nest with an electronic sensor 1 nest with electronics costs $250 to make and deploy